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Museum in Motion

Development and co-conception of the spatial arrangement of the exhibition Museum in Motion by the Museum der Alltagskultur Schloss Waldenbuch, which is part of the Landesmuseum Stuttgart. On the one hand the exhibition questions the social as well as ecological sustainability of the exhibition practice itself, and on the other hand it stages the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

Our design acts as a flexible, modular remodeling process reminiscent of a collaborative workshop, with participatory stations that invite visitors to interact.

Stickers for one of the interactive stations.

Easy-to-make, resource-efficient and recyclable production methods are used. In part, elements of previous exhibitions are reintegrated without consuming further resources.

The graphics are designed to give the feeling of a collaborative workshop.

Stickers and printed papers allow modular designs.

Recycable materials are used to reduce waste.

The font for the designs is a custom version of Apfel Grotezk by Collletttivo, which was designed to reduce the amount of ink used in printing through cut-outs.

One part of the exhibition is the Sustainability Tour that stages the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We developed a modular and reusable system of scaffolding elements placed in the courtyard and museum buildings.

Rendering of the main station of the tour in the courtyard.

The Sustainability Tour consists of 17 stations.

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