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The book Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Stuttgart (Art in Public Space in Stuttgart) compiles an archive, which presents 435 works by 212 artists. As a catalog raisonné, it is the first adequately catalogued collection of the public artworks of Stuttgart. It is published by Kerber Verlag.


Using color illustrations, cartography, and an extensive index, together with a wide range of text contributions, it creates the opportunity for a new and critical approach to the works and their social context.


Poster used to promote the book-release.


A0 poster with 435 public artworks from in and around Stuttgart. Includes addresses and coordinates of the works.

Hoodie with prints of public artworks on the back, front and arms.

Set of 10 Postcards with controversial public artworks from in and around Stuttgart. Each card features a short text and the location of the artwork. The set also includes a booklet with an essay by Fabian Kassner about “Art between debates and disinterest”.


Zine with stills from the short film “Skate Sculpture”, filmed and edited by Dominik Schneider.

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Stuttgart

The Artworks in the public space are always at risk of disappearing due to construction work, weather and vandalism. The self-initiated project Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Stuttgart (Art in Public Space in Stuttgart) counteracts this danger and enables a diverse access to the works. It includes the archiving of 435 works by 212 artists and presenting them in various media.

Starting in the center, the systematic traversal of Stuttgart’s 23 districts connects the urban space into a coherent overall picture.

The exact locations of the artworks were recorded and spatially sorted. This creates a pathfrom one work to the nextthrough which the urban space can be accessed.

Technological developments have made it a lot easier to build an archive with the precise recording of location.

Some artworks were not accessible, blocked or no longer there.

Special colorway of the hoodie.

Promotional assets for the book release.

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