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The 56 Free Posters were shown in an exhibition at Galerie Kernweine. In the spirit of the project, visitors were allowed to take the posters for free, but could also leave a donation that was forwarded to ARTHELPS for a project to support Ukrainians.

The center of the exhibition was a shelf installation with boxes in which the posters were stored.

An oversized receipt at the entrance of the gallery was used for the exhibition text.

The exhibition design was inspired by teenager beedrooms, with a scattered and amateurish way of presentation.

During the course of the vernissage, a receipt printer printed an endless number of receipts with the list of artists.

The A2 posters are folded down to A5, making it easier to send out. Each poster has a small credit of the artist, but is otherwise unbranded.


Free Poster

Free Poster is a non-profit collaborative project initiated by us that connects artistic productions in public and private spaces through an analog medium. Together with an ongoing list of artists we publish double-sided posters, which are available for free in selected bookstores and cultural institutions as well as in our online shop. The poster itself is a mobile medium that has no fixed home, but is intended to find one through its scattered presentation. The Free Posters are platforms for the exchange of current themes and debates for international contemporary artists, of who they show photographs, artworks, illustrations, text or installations.


Free Posters are available at


Free Poster is published by Matter Of and supported by Ritter Sport, Fedrigoni Fine Papers and VD Vereinte Druckwerke.

Free Posters at home.

Furthermore, the Free Posters are a cooperative network between paper manufacturers, printers, graphic designers and sponsors. Contrary to the total renunciation of printed products in climatic crises, their mission of sustainability is to create a new sensibility that can give weight again to haptic experiences and the craft handling of materiality. This is intended to oppose mass production via online printing houses, which shower us with ever-same papers and formats. Nevertheless, they are not merely a eulogy to the analogue, which condemns the digital, they themselves were created constitutively through digital exchange.

Details of the printing techniques.

Currenty the series features artworks by Anna Haifisch (Germany), Kristian JĂžrgensen (Denmark), Gasius (UK), Charlotte Rohde (Netherlands), Lou Buche (France), Quentin Chambry (Japan), Friederike Hantel (Germany), Benjamin Niznik (USA), Culitomaton (Spain), Jannis Zell (Germany), Lucas Dupuy (UK), Phil America (USA), Leonard Moser (Germany), Antonia Kuo (USA), Ismaaeel Solomon (South Africa), Jim Klok (Netherlands), Jon Burgerman (USA), Elena Rotenberg (Israel), Domenico Carnimeo (Italy), Pablo Pulgar (Spain), Akasha Rabut (USA), Yechan Jung (China) and Leomy Sadler (UK).

To each order  a “receipt” that includes the ongoing list of artists is added.

Envelopes with Free Posters after the first drop.

Instagram Stories by recipients of the Posters.

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