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Excerpts of Georg Lutz’ film The Fruits of our Land.


List of the places Lutz visited for the project.

Poster for the exhibition.

Invitation card to the book release.

Dawn of Europe

Concept and design of the artist book by Georg Lutz. Lutz focuses on the overriding themes of power, violence, politics, religion and their contexts and sets these in relation to places, cities and countries in which an increasingly nationalistic policy and attitude is emerging.

Research material by Georg Lutz.

We worked closely with Lutz on the book concept and even accompanied him to some cities and countries. The book is characterized in particular by the fact that it does not simply summarize existing works in a monograph, but presents its own configurations as an independent art object. It also contains a text written by us about the work The Beast.

Footage from our trip to Lesbos with Lutz.

We also designed a poster and flyers for the release event at Book shop Walther König.

Bookrelease of Dawn of Europe at Walther König.

Lutz showed some of the works in an exhibition at Kunststiftung Baden-W√ľrttemberg. We created poster and social media announcements and also did the exhibition photography.

Views of the accompanying exhibition at Kunststiftung Baden-W√ľrttemberg.

Matter Of