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New website online! Scroll down or click ūüôā

The accompanying catalog takes up the key visual, but develops it further and thus becomes an object in itself.

A punched-in window reveals the key visual.


The poster with the key visual.

Custom bleached Cloud T-Shirts.

Beyond the Pain

“Pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever and wherever the person says it does.”‚ÄďMargo McCaffery, 1968


The exhibition Beyond the Pain explores the significance of the quotation by the American pain therapist, combining the universal theme of overcoming pain with contemporary art. Although pain and suffering are viewed as negative, they can also give pleasure, cleanse the mind, unleash unsuspected powers and trigger personal development. The exhibition presents works by twelve renowned artists which prompt us to reflect with our senses on our own view of the world.


An archetypal key visual for the exhibition represents the topic of overcoming pain. It appears on the various promotional materials.

The entrance to the exhibition space.

Instead of a traditional save the date card, pill blisters with the title and date are used to promote the exhibition.

Custom bleached Cloud t-shirts for the opening night.

One of the shirts at the opening.

Matter Of