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Various carpets are used to give a welcoming feeling to the audience.

The audience is invited to dwell in the presentation space.

The merchandise underlines the performance aspect.

The audience can collect sheets with texts and information in a special folder.

An Imaginary Audience

Development and co-conception of the archive presentation An Imaginary Audience, which investigates the history of performance art at the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and focuses on performativity as an artistic tool and the transition of the audience from a receiver to a participant, performer, and user in the digital age.


The central part of the design concept is a spiral, an image that, in contrast to a purely linear time model, brings events that are differently distant from one another into proximity. The spiral thus embodies the entanglement and dialogue of time. At the same time, it represents a playful-performative image of ongoingness.

The spiral represents a playful image of ongoingness.

It is also used as a new form of timeline.

The presentation features works and archive material by Yael Bartana, Tracey Emin, Rebecca Horn, Stephan von Huene with Yasuhiro Sakamoto, J√ľrgen Klauke, Eva KoŇ•√°tkov√°, Oleg Kulik, and Emeka Ogboh.

The audience becomes part of the performance through interaction.

An Imaginary Audience combines four forms of memory that are set in relation to each other: Exhibition history, publications, archival materials, and live moments make possible a multidimensional reflection on history, performance, and forms of the archive.

The four memories each have assigned symbols.

Work in progress renderings of the exhibition design.

Matter Of